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 Time to Recommit!!!

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PostSubject: Time to Recommit!!!   Fri Aug 15, 2008 7:18 pm

Okay, the newness has worn off, your mom (or your wife) is wondering why the yard isn't mowed and the trash isn't being taken care of. Maybe school has started again. Got to spend more time at work, or the office manager is paying more attention to your gaming . . .errrr . . . work habits.

I just have one thing to say about that: WHERE ARE YOUR PRIORITIES!!!!

Just in case you hadn't noticed, our alliance is backsliding at an uncomfortable rate. Sure, we all thought we could take a little time away. After all, we flexed our muscle last Sunday and made the world take notice. But there are no vacations in Travian.

So, it's time. Yes, it's time to make a new commitment to your fellow Ro-CoF-ers. Time to raise that population another ten, fifty or one hundred. Time to grow those resources. Time to pay those farms a few visits. Time to build toward that next village. That's right fishies: IT'S TIME TO WIN!!! NOW LET'S GO, GO, GO!!! . . . and make your leadership proud.
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Time to Recommit!!!
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